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Our mission is to offer a robust technology-powered platform to enable a seamless flow of products and services.

Our increasingly digitised world, connected and surrounded by technology and innovation, has transformed the way we live and work. While this intersection between the digital and physical world has opened doors to limitless possibilities, it has also brought several challenges in its wake. The most significant challenge being Technology Friction – the gap between the rate of technological innovation and the speed of its adoption.
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Future ready Mindset

Our external focus and data-driven decision-making capability help us remain cognizant of changes in consumer behaviour, evolving services-based business models and technology adoption.

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Our Core Values

Our core values are the fundamental pillars of the Redington culture–that guide our behaviours and actions, both within and outside of Redington. They are the principles that set the direction for our vision, mission and organizational objectives that ultimately form our code of conduct.

Uncompromising Integrity

Inspiring honesty, openness and transparency by ensuring our actions and words align.

Future ready Mindset

Adopting a customer-first approach to deliver value through consistency and responsiveness.

Results through Teamwork

Appreciating the diversity and value of all the contributions given by our stakeholders.

Respect and Trust

Ensuring the rights, voices and dignity of every stakeholder is given utmost consideration.

Respect and Trust

Driving success with innovation, transformative thinking and dedication to our work and values

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